2. Nakaya

Once upon a time, there lived vassals of a famous war lord in Tsugane village where Nakaya is located in. In the late Edo period, Nakaya had been watching over a life of a peasant’s family. Then time passed, now the house is welcoming guests with tranquil and warmth gaze and a friendly host, Ken san. You will find its historical atmosphere through out your stay at Nakaya. You probably will find nostalgic feeling even though you’ve never been to Nakaya. If you enjoy photography, photos you take at Nakaya are going to be your most precious ones. We welcome only one or two groups per night. Feel at home in Nakaya and experience Omotenashi(Japanese cordial welcoming) at first hand. You can try daytime activities at your own pace. In the evening, it’s good to gather around the irori and chat with your friends and our staff, or enjoy a peaceful night. Nakaya is a farmhouse, NOT a hotel, a hostel and a ryokan which you could often see in hot springs areas.

What can you experience at there?

We can provide you with some unique activities, such as making soba, bamboo crafts, writing Japanese calligraphy and having a small tea party. One of the highlights of staying at Nakaya is strolling around our village with Ken san. He will gladly show you neighborhood and will drop by tree old schools and a Kaiganji temple which was established more than 1000 years ago. This ancient temple has 100 Buddha statues in it garden. We have a shower room but don’t have a bath tub so we can take you the hot springs near by if you like. (entrance fee is around 800JPY)
Having a tea party : Prepare green tea by yourself and sip it in peace. 2,000JPY per person
Calligraphy : Write Japanese fine art. 2,000JPY per person
Making Soba : Knead and cut the dough to make delicious noodles and taste them. 3,000 JPY per person
Making bamboo crafts : Cut and arrange it into the shape of candle stand or cup. 2,000JPY per person
*We also have seasonal ones so please ask us if you are interested in.
*The attending fee should be paid with JPY at Nakaya.

Simple but exquisite local food

Enjoy our traditional cuisine, with fresh ingredients such as organic vegetables grown in our garden, seasonal fish, and meat prepared on the charcoal fire at the irori. Irori fire softens the foods, makes it juicier and brings out its natural aroma. Just enjoy their rich yet simple taste with a small amount of condiment.
Robatayaki is a way of grilling food on the charcoal fire using a traditional Japanese fire pit. It makes vegetables and fish juicy and produce its flavor maximum that’t why is has been popular among Japanese people. You don’t need to add seasoning on your dishes to much, just enjoy its rustic taste. Mostly things we serve are fresh vegetables harvested in Nakaya’s garden, river or marine fish. Robatayaki is served up for dinner.
Hoto is a stew simmered with various types of vegetables, meat and wide flour noodles. The noodles which adsorbs the sweetness of squash make dish more deep taste. This local cuisine is served up for dinner or lunch.
Soba is noodles, made from buckwheat flour. It has been popular all over Japan ever since. It is rich in nutritional value such as vitamin B1, B2 and protein and considered the original Japanese fast food. At Nakaya you can try cooking soba noodles by yourself.
Making bamboo crafts : Cut and arrange it into the shape of candle stand or cup. 2,000JPY per person
*We also have seasonal ones so please ask us if you are interested in.
*The attending fee should be paid with JPY at Nakaya.

Here is Sam, in mid-autumn hanging persimmons at Nakaya.

While meandering through Tsugane village, where historical war lord Takeda Shingen’s vassals lived, Sam discovered some buildings, traditional arts and even had time for a hot spring.
Want you read more? Have a look here!

We would like to welcome you as our family members.

owners, Kenichi and Ayako Otsuka

  • One night stay plan (Afternoon to morning)
  • Check-in 15:00 Check-out 10:00
  • Free pick-up at the nearest station
  • 2 meals, pick-up at the nearest station, rental samue(a Japanese working cloth), a futon mat, a short tour, visiting Kaiganji temple and Tsugane old schools are included.
  • 7-12 year-old : 7,000 JPY per child, 2 meals and one futon mat
  • 2-6 year-old : 5,000JPY per child, 2 meals
  • 0-1  year-old : Free

    Special Remarks
    *Please let us know if you or your companions have any food restriction.
    We may not be able to deal with your requests if you do not mention it us in the reservation form.
    *If you would like to try some activities such as, making soba, bamboo crafts, having a tea party and calligraphy please let us know that in advance.

    Rules of Conduct while at Nakaya
    You can only set fire at an Irori.
    After leaving the Irori, cover the cinders with ash in order to avoid a risk of fire.
    Please, mind your behavior while at Nakaya.
    Nakaya will not be held responsible for any injuries resulting your own misconduct.
    However, you will be received first aid treatment and/or any required help for any injuries suffered.
    Furthermore, keep your possessions safe.
    Should something be stolen from you, Nakaya will not be held responsible.
    Any loud noise will not be tolerated from 9 PM until 7 AM.
    The following should not be brought to Nakaya :
    things with a bad odor or extremely bad,
    flammable objects,
    weapons of any kind.
    Intentional damage and taking of property at Nakaya is strictly forbidden.
    We will not give refunds in case of sudden departures from Nakaya before the end of your paid accommodation.
    There are many people in Nakaya, sometimes. Please try to have a good relation ship with them and cooperate each other.
    The staff members who can speak English are not always available.

    When you have carefully filled out the form and submitted, we will handle your personal information with care.

    If you abide by all of these rules, please check the box.

      This is the easiest and cheapest way! Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal, called BUSTA Shinjuku. You can get to NAKAYA using an Expressway bus from Shinjuku station. How to buy a ticket? – Take a bus from Shinjuku station going toward Okaya Station in Yamanashi via Suwa, and get off at Nagasaka Takane. – A one-way trip will cost approximately 2,300JPY per person. – You can get a ticket at Busta Shinjuku directly or from the link below: https://willerexpress.com/en/ Where is the bus stop in Shinjuku? -Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal called Busta Shinjuku in Japanese is located in the fourth floor of New South Exit of Shinjuku station.
      The nearest train station to NAKAYA is Nagasaka (長坂). You can get to it using JR Higashinihon train via Chuo main line (中央本線) from Shinjuku station (新宿駅). There are many different way to get there. It takes less than 3 hours from Shinjuku to Nagasaka. The fee is approximately 3,000 – 4,000JPY. – Take JR Chuo main line toward Takao (高尾) at Shinjyuku (新宿), and get off at Takao (高尾). – Change the train at here to JR Chuo main line toward Kobutizawa (小淵沢) and get off at Nagazaka (長坂).

      The most effective way to traveling to out accommodation is via Shinjuku using highway express bus.
      Check the bus timetables here. *See “Suwa/Okaya line”

      Bus Travel to Nakaya via Shinjuku: It takes around 4 hours and costs around 3,500JPY. Traveling time depends on your departure date and time.
      Take an Airport Limousine bus from Haneda to Shinjuku Express Bus Terminal and then take a highway express bus from Shinjuku to Nagasaka Takane.

      Train Travel to Nakaya via Shinjuku: It takes 3 and half hours and cost around 3,290JPY. Traveling time depends on your departure date and time, whether you can avoid peek times and also on individual bus and train transfer time.
      There are several way to get Shinjuku. Here is an example.
      ◇Haneda-Airport Terminal 1 Platform 1 | Tokyo-Monorail Airport Rapid (For Hamamatsucho) The Car No.3
      | 11:28-11:45 [17 min] 492 yen
      | Transfer
      | 11:45-11:48 [Transfer 3 min + Wait 0 min]
      ◇Hamamatsucho Platform 3
      | Yamanote Line Toward Shinagawa The Car No.10.11
      | 11:48-12:13 [25 min] 198 yen
      ◇Shinjuku Platform 15
      | Transfer
      | 12:13-12:25 [Transfer 9 min + Wait 3 min]
      ◇Busta Shinjuku{Highway Express Bus} C Area

      Adress : 2461 Shimotsugane Sutamacho Hokuto city Yamanashi pref. email : nakaya@ruralhouse.jp
      He speaks limited English, however he tries to do his best to communicate with you!
      We have 2 regular guests rooms and 1 small guest room. The regular room can accommodate up to 3 to 4 people and the small one can accommodate up to 2 people.
      We provide you with a set of bedding, traditional Japanese futon mat and also a towel and a soap.
      It depending on where you come from. From Tokyo, taking the highway express bus from Shinjuku is probably the easiest and convenient. From Osaka, Kyoto, taking trains could be fine.
      The highest is roughly 35 Celsius / 95 Fahrenheit in the mid summer. The lowest is under 0 degrees in winter. Yamanashi is in a basin surrounded by mountains. It is hot and humid in summer, and cold in winter. We recommend you to bring a jacket even though during spring and fall.
      In Nakaya, we do not use any sort of air conditioning system since Nakaya was built functionally and exposed to the continuous flow of fresh air from nearby rice paddies, electrical air-conditioning is rendered unnecessary. In winter, we use the old maki(firewood) stove, and oil stoves for each room.The heat of irori and kotatsu warm your body.
      After you send us a reservation form via our web site, we will send you an email informing you availability of your booking within 2 days. It may sometimes takes more than 2days to reply, especially when it’s in busiest time of farm work. However we will try to our best to respond you as much as we can. We then will send you an invoice email via Paypal, please make a payment by the due date. After we have confirmed your payment, your reservation is finalized!
      You can pay online using PayPal. After we confirm the availability for your reservation , we will provide you with a payment link via email. NOTE : Payments conducted at Nakaya are only cash payments. *Japanese Yen only.
      – The cancellation fee doesn’t recur by 3 days before your check-in. However the handling fee is charged in any cases. For late cancellations, 2 days before arrival : 50% + handling fee 1 day before arrival : 80% + handling fee Refunds will not be conducted if you do not show up or cancel on the day of arrival. We will refund you the total amount after reducing a cancellation and a handling fee. The handling fee is approximately 5% of your payment.