2. Moshi-Moshi House

“Moshimoshi?” Japanese people start with a phrase “moshimoshi?” when we start talking on the phone.  It like “Hello?” in English. A long time ago, in the age when the villagers didn’t have their own phone in their houses, there was a phone in this house. Locals would often come to make a phone call and also enjoyed interacting with neighbors there.  This is the reason why the house was named “Moshi-Moshi house”. 
The house is located in a slightly elevated place which looks out over the village. It is surrounded by vineyards and orchards, and there are mountains beyond the fields. You can spend your time like a local in a tranquil atmosphere. You will find the interior traditionally decorated well organized and spacious. The house can accommodate up to 7 guests in comfort.

What can you experience here?

One of the activities you can do here by yourself is cooking Hoto. Hoto is the local cuisine which has been popular in this area for more than 200 years. It is a stew which is simmered with various types of vegetables, meat and wide flour noodles. The noodles absorb the sweetness of the squash and give the dish with a much flavorful taste. At Moshi-Moshi house, the host will teach you how to make the Hoto noodles using a machine. After you have made your own Hoto noodles, it is time to enjoy them!

Stroll around the village

Second activity we offer you is a short beautiful tour of a mysterious and quaint village provided by the host. The host will guide you from the entrance of the house down the small rustic village, passing through a lovely grape vineyards and many orchards passing by some shrines. During your short tour, you will fine the buddha statue at the bottom of a hill. “Please feel free to ask the host, Ayumi-san for the reason why it was placed in this unique location?”

Moshi moshi House

I hope you will have a wonderful stay here at the historical museum-like house in the mountain village of Koshu.There are some unique activities to experience.

The host, Ayumi Uchida

The lodging fee, Starts from 14,000 JPY per person.

  • One night stay plan : Afternoon to morning
  • Check-in 15:00 Check-out 10:30
  • Free pick-up at the nearest station
  • 2 meals(Hoto cooked by yourself and breakfast), a futon mat,a village short tours and cooking Hoto are included.

Number of People per person In Total
1 38,500JPY 38,500JPY
2 25,250JPY 50,500JPY
3 20,833JPY 62,500JPY
4 18,500JPY 74,000JPY
5 17,400JPY 87,000JPY
6 16,667JPY 100,000JPY
7 16,143JPY 113,000JPY

From KATSUNUMA(Chuo EXPWY) interchange to the house, it will take 30 minutes.
The nearest station is Enzan(塩山),JR Chuo line: 中央本線). Trains to JR Shinjuku take 60 minutes from Narita International Airport and 40 minutes from Haneda International Airport. It takes around an hour and a half to get Enzan from Shinjuku by KAIJI(Limited Express Train).

Adress : 1099 Shimoodawara Enzanshita Koshu-city Yamanashi pref. email : moshi@ruralhouse.jp

    Special Remarks
    *Please let us know if you or your companions have any food restriction.
    We may not be able to deal with your requests if you do not mention it us in the reservation form.

    Rules of Conduct while at Moshi-Moshi House
    You can only use fire at a certain place.
    Please, mind your behavior while at Moshi-Moshi House.
    Moshi-Moshi House will not be held responsible for any injuries resulting your own misconduct.
    However, you will be received first aid treatment and/or any required help for any injuries suffered.
    Furthermore, keep your possessions safe.
    Should something be stolen from you, Moshi-Moshi will not be held responsible.
    Any loud noise will not be tolerated whole day.
    The following should not be brought to Moshi-Moshi House :
    things with a bad odor or extremely bad,
    flammable objects,
    weapons of any kind.
    Intentional damage and taking of property at Moshi-Moshi House is strictly forbidden.
    We will not give refunds in case of sudden departures from Moshi-Moshi House before the end of your paid accommodation.

    When you have carefully filled out the form and submitted, we will handle your personal information with care.

    If you abide by all of these rules, please check the box

      She speaks limited English, however she tries to do her best to communicate with you!
      It has a living room (350 ft2), a tatami room (157 ft2) and one more tatami room (117 ft2).
      There are also a kitchen, a bath room, and a toilet in a separate room.
      We have a free space on the second story which was used for silkworm raising in the past.
      Living room : there are a table and a sofa bed.
      Tatami rooms: You can sleep with a futon mat in tatami rooms.
      Kitchen: You can cook by yourself. There are an IH (Induction Heating) cooking heater, an electric kettle, a refrigerator, and some cooking utensils.
      Bath room: a washstand, an automatic bath, and plenty of hot water. Shampoo, conditioner, soap, bath towels, face towels, and toothbrushes. * There are hot springs (it cost money) 5 to 15 minutes away by car.
      Parking lot for 7 cars.
      Other facilities:
      an oil stove, a fan heater, Kotatsu (a traditional detachable table covering its legs with a futon to make its inside warmer) for winter and electrical fan for summer.In winter especially, it gets cold so please come with winter clothes.
      Free WiFi
      No Television
      After you send us a reservation form via our web site, we will send you an email informing you availability of your booking within 3 days. It may sometimes takes more than 3 days to reply.However we will try to our best to respond you as much as we can. We then will send you an invoice email via Paypal, please make a payment by the due date. After we have confirmed your payment, your reservation is finalized!
      You can pay online using PayPal. After we confirm the availability for your reservation , we will provide you with a payment link via email.
      – The cancellation fee doesn’t recur by 8 days before your check-in. However the handling fee is charged in any cases. For late cancellations, 7 days before arrival : 30% + handling fee 4 days before arrival : 50% + handling fee 1 day before arrival : 80% + handling fee Refunds will not be conducted if you do not show up or cancel on the day of arrival. We will refund you the total amount after reducing a cancellation and a handling fee. The handling fee is approximately 5% of your payment.