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immerse yourself in the mood of Japan's good old days.

Change your time flow and experience slow life in a small village.

Japanese farmhouse accommodation, Nakaya.

Here you can fully immerse yourself in authentic Japanese culture.

Unload your baggage on tatami mats and sip a cup of green tea at an engawa feel the refreshing breeze at Nakaya.

Enjoy strolling around a bamboo grove, have a try at making bamboo crafts and taking a Goemon bath.

Another place worth visiting is a nearby brewery where you can have a taste of sake (rice wine).

Here you can fully immerse yourself in authentic Japanese culture.



Goemon Bath

Goemon bath is opened  (depends on the weather condition)! This is an outdoor bath that is located in the garden. 


Working in a rice field!

02/Jun – 03/Jun  Working in our rice fields, taking a Goemon bath and having lunch together.  If you’d like to join us, mail us.


The farmhouse accommodation

Nakaya is a kominka which used to be a farmer’s house more than 150 years ago. It’s built functionally and exposed to the continuous flow of fresh air from nearby rice fields. It’s the place you can relax and interact with the locals and our staff members.


Try out Japanese calligraphy, a tea party, soba noodles making,
strolling around bamboo grove and bamboo crafts making and more.


Local cuisine

Enjoy home grown show food grilled on fire at an irori, a fireplace.

Visit a SAKE brewery nearby

Hakushu region where Nakaya is located is famous for its clean waters, therefore, it’s good to visit a sake brewery and wineries, and also spend time by the river during summer time.
Besides that, there is much beautiful sightseeing spot here. Take a free rental bike around Nakaya.



Special Packaged: 32,800JPY/person for 2 nights. (weekday only)

-Includes 5 meals (2 dinners, lunch(making and tasting soba noodles), & 2 breakfast), rental samue and yukata (simple kimono).

Activities(Tea ceremony, Japanese calligraphy and making bamboo craft) and a guided tour around Nakaya.

-Check-in: 15:00/Check-out 13:00

-Lunch on the second day is not included.

*In case of bad weather (heavy rain or a typhoon) , the destinations of “a guided tour” will change.

Packaged: 15,000JPY/person for 1 night.

(8,000JPY for children 7-12yrs, 7,000JPY for children 2-7yrs)

-Includes 3 meals (dinner, lunch(making soba noodles), & breakfast), rental samue and yukata (simple kimono).

-Check-in: 15:00/Check-out 13:00

Basic Plan: 12,000JPY/person for 1 night.

(7,000JPY for children 7-12yrs, 5,000JPY for children 2-7yrs)

-Includes: 2 meals (dinner & breakfast), rental samue.

-Check-in: 15:00/Check-out 10:00



Shower room


Western-style toilet

Location / Access

Address: 2461 Shimotsugane, Sudamacho, Hokuto-shi, Yamanashi 407-0322

Free pickup available from nearest station/bus stop.


By Bus:

Take a Highway Bus from Shinjuku Basuta bus terminal to Nagasaka Takane bus stop.

By Rail:

Take Chuo-Honsen from Shinjuku Station to Nagasaka Station.

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