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immerse yourself in the mood of Japan's good old days.

If you're looking for a unique and personal approach to Japanese culture, you've come to the right place!

Farmhouse accommodation, Kominka, Nakaya.

Put your luggage aside on the tatami mats as you enter the farmhouse. Sip a cup of green tea while you’re sitting on an engawa and feel the refreshing breeze of the wind coming from the direction of the Hakushu rice fields. Journey through the bamboo grove, learn how to make bamboo crafts and enjoy a Goemon bath. Also, do not miss out on visiting a 300 years old sake brewery nearby and have a taste of this legendary drink. So, step into your very own time machine, and see how it was in Edo period Japan at firsthand.


Coming Soon: Autumn in Nakaya

Everything you need to know about the upcoming events this fall.


Authentic Edo period farmhouse.

Nakaya used to be a farmer’s house more than 150 years ago. It still has a working fireplace, an irori, which you can cook fish, vegetables, and other dishes. It’s used to keep the house warm during the winter. Furthermore, we still maintain some traditional tools. If you enjoy photography, photos you take at Nakaya are going to be your most precious ones.


Unique experience.

You can take a relaxing walk in the nearby bamboo grove and learn to make a bamboo cup and keep it as your Japanese souvenir, also it’s good to sip a cup of green tea. Among other things we have planned for you, you can also try out Japanese calligraphy, your very own tea ceremony and soba(buckwheat noodles) making.


Stroll the village, feel like locals.

Nakaya is located in Hakushu region where is famous for its clear water. Pay a visit to a 300 years old sake brewery and enjoy their sake. Beside that, explore a mysterious temple that contains 100 buddha statues. After that, enjoy cycling down the slope from the temple towards Nakaya, as you pass through the rice fields.


Simple yet, exquisite local foods.

Have a try of our traditional cuisine, with fresh ingredients such as organic vegetables, grown in our garden, seasonal fish, and meat prepared on the charcoal fire at the irori. Irori fire soften the foods, makes it juicier and extracts it smell well. Just enjoy their rich yet simple taste with a small amount of condiment.


Only 2 hours from Tokyo by bus.

Yamanashi prefecture where Nakaya is located in is close to Mt. Fuji. You can reach us in only around two hours by using a highway bus from Shinjuku, Tokyo. Also, it’s good to change of pace to experience some of our activities during your trip from Osaka, Kyoto to Tokyo and vice versa.


Homestay style accommodation.

We welcome only one or two groups per night. Feel at home in Nakaya and experience Omotenashi(Japanese hospitality) at first hand. Try daytime activities in Nakaya at your own pace. Sipping sake (Japanese rice wine) is also recommended, gather around the irori and chat your company and our member staff or enjoy the silence.


Special plan :
32,800JPY/person for 2 nights. (weekday only)

-Includes 5 meals, rental samue and yukata (simple kimono). Activities and a guided tour around Nakaya.

-Check-in: 15:00/Check-out 13:00

Packaged plan:
15,000JPY/person for a night.

-Includes 3 meals, rental samue and yukata.

-Check-in: 15:00/Check-out 13:00

Basic Plan:
12,000JPY/person for a night.

-Includes: 2 meals, rental samue.

-Check-in: 15:00/Check-out 10:00



Shower room


Western-style toilet

Location / Access

Address: 2461 Shimotsugane, Sudamacho, Hokuto-shi, Yamanashi 407-0322

Free pickup available from nearest station/bus stop.


By Bus:

Take a Highway Bus from Shinjuku Basuta bus terminal to Nagasaka Takane bus stop.

By Rail:

Take Chuo-Honsen from Shinjuku Station to Nagasaka Station.

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