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<Our Neighboring Buddhism>

Kaiganji Temple was built more than 1260 years ago by Gyoki(a Buddhist monk who also worked on the construction of Great Buddha at Todaiji temple in Nara pref.). The temple has 100 stone Buddha statues that are lined up and creates a peaceful atmosphere. Our recommendation is cycling down from the temple throughout rice fields to Nakaya. – 5 minutes by car. 

Address: 1222 Kamitsugane Sutama-cho Hokuto-sity 

100 budda statues


Erinji Temple : The beautiful garden of Erinji temple was established by Muso Kokushi in 1330’s. Muso was a zen priest and was endeared by many people.  His notions was made an influence on the emperors and due to  this Muso 7 titles. Although he actually preferred to spend his life quietly.

More than 100 years after temple’S establishment, the temple attracted the famous war load Takeda Shingen, and he decided to be buried there after he passed away. 

Being surrounded by historical properties and seeing the many vibrant seasonal trees and plants in zen garden. It is a perfect to spend some time to clam down and reflect on life as Muso would do. – a 20 minutes drive from Moshimoshi house.

 Address : 2280 Enzan oyashiki Koshu-sity



Buddhism simply says that,

Unravel your problem,

Accept the problem,

Learn the cause of your suffering,

Understanding the best solution and gain a calmness. 

Does this fit in with your experience of it?