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Roten buro, a type of “onsen” hot springs

Precious Treasures in Japan

Hot springs, which are called “onsen” are one of the most popular places for us. In particular, the outside baths, “roten buro” has fascinating us for a long time, because your body becomes warm but your face is still cool. This event makes you feel so fresh. Additionally, gazing at beautiful nature is a significant part of roten buro. Here at Yamanashi, we can enjoy taking baths while seeing Mt. Fuji. All of there aspects together make this a luxury event not to be missed. 

Panorama no yu
Gazing at a great Mt.Fuji and Yatsugatake mountain range while soaking in the warm outside bath. The water is mild and good for your skin. It takes 5 minutes by car from Nakaya.

A view from the outside bath of Panorama no yu

Mukawa no Yu
This hot spring is surrounded by rich nature. The water contains plenty mineral substance which revives you. It is only a 15 minutes drive from Nakaya.
Hottarakashi Onsen
It stands over the one of the best three picturesque night view spots in Japan. During the day, you can enjoy the beauty of Mt. Fuji. The spring opens at dawn. The warm water gently wakes you up.
Daibosatsu no yu
There is a place where water springs up from the ground near the hot spring. It takes 10 minutes to get there by car from Moshi-Moshi House. 
Kurhaus kamikane mura
The water of this hot spring is flows directly from its source. The texture of the water is thick and the color is clear. This public onsen has a great reputation and  facilities here are clean. It takes 5 minutes by car and 20 minutes on foot  from Moshi house.

*”Yu(湯)” means hot water and it is sufficient for bathing. Japanese people used to drink it to warm their bodies. Some still do now while young people prefer drinks with a stronger taste.

Mt. Fuji