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Make Your Own Soba.

Make your own soba.

Experience Japanese Culture
jul19 What's Nakaya?
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Have you ever wanted to experience the serenity of authentic Japanese life ?

What better way to feel the essence of traditional Japan then by visiting Nakaya.
Located in a tranquil village near Mt.Fuji, this 150 years old farmhouse is
the perfect place for witnessing the true beauty of untouched Japan as it once was.
15:00 Check-in
Sample schedule.

At first, please make yourself comfortable. Subsequently, it’s good to explore Nakaya, or the serene village by bicycle which you can rent for free. We recommend you cycling down from Kaiganji temple that has 100 Buddha statues.

17:00 Hot springs

This is Japan’s recommendation, soaking in a hot spring. The atmospheric temperature is getting down slowly.  There are some nice hot springs near from Nakaya. We can take you to one of them.
You can see Mt.Fuji from the outside bath of “Panorama hot spring”.

* You will be required to pay bathing fee (about 820 JPY) when you enter a hot spring.

18:00 Dinner

Spending time relaxing at the irori. Enjoy the traditional Japanese cuisine, called robatayaki.

20:00 Shodo

Shodo – expressing yourself throughout writing letters beautifully and uniquely – finding the balance in contrast between black and white.  What words would you like to write? This will make a perfect souvenir. <Activity; Shodo +1,000JPY.>

22:00 Light out

This is the Japanese way of sleeping. It’s good to chat in a soft tone with your family or friends until you fall asleep. If the sky is clear, you can look up at the stars until it’s gets cold. Hokuto city where Nakaya is located is renown as a beautiful stargazing spot with amazing scenary.

7:00 Breakfast
Second Day

We start our day eating rice and miso soup. Miso soup is a good partner of rice in both taste and nutrition.

8:00 Stroll around Nakaya

Have you ever been in a bamboo forest? You might hear the sound of bamboo leaves rustling in the wind. At Nakaya, you can make bamboo crafts such as a beer cup,  candle stand etc.. <Activity : Making bamboo craft 1,000JPY>

10:00 Making Soba

Traditional specialty. It is widely considered as healthy food throughout the world. In Nakaya,we make not only  soba but also dashi.

13:00 Check-out

You will be taken to the nearest station by our member staff.

3 meals + 2 activities + 1 futon mat + uncountable authentic Japanese memories = 15,000JPY !
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