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Change your time flow and experience Japan's slow life in a small village.

The farmhouse accommodation, Nakaya.

Here you can fully immerse yourself in authentic Japanese culture.

Unload your baggage on tatami mats and sip a cup of green tea at an engawa feel the refreshing breeze at Nakaya.

Enjoy strolling around a bamboo grove, have a try at making bamboo crafts and taking a Goemon bath.

Another place worth visiting is a nearby brewery where you can have a taste of our rice wine.

Here you can fully immerse yourself in authentic Japanese culture.



Children's Day

We hang carp flags for praying well-growth of children at May 5th.japan, accommodation, country, rural


Transplant rice seedlings.

During around the end of May to the beginning of June.


Homestay style accommodation

Nakaya is a kominka which used to be a farmer’s house more than 150 years ago. It’s built functionally and exposed to the continuous flow of fresh air from nearby rice fields.



Try out Japanese calligraphy, a tea party, soba noodles making, strolling around bamboo grove and bamboo crafts making and more.

Local Cuisine

Enjoy home grown organic show food grilled on fire at an irori, a fireplace.


Feel Japan's Nature

Hakushu region where Nakaya is located is famous for its clean waters, therefore, it’s good to visit a sake brewery and wineries, and also spend time by the river during summer time. Besides that, there is much beautiful sightseeing spot here. Take a free rental bike around beautiful hills in the area.


Special Packaged: 32,800JPY/person for 2 nights.

(weekday only)

-Includes 5 meals (2 dinners, lunch(making and tasting soba noodles), & 2 breakfast), rental samue and yukata (simple kimono).

Activities(Tea ceremony, Japanese calligraphy and making bamboo craft) and a guided tour around Nakaya.

-Check-in: 15:00/Check-out 13:00

-Lunch on the second day is not included.

*In case of bad weather (heavy rain or a typhoon) we can take you to other places such as a brewery and a museum or wherever you choose to go.

Packaged: 15,000JPY/person for 1 night.

(8,000JPY for children 7-12yrs, 7,000JPY for children 2-7yrs)

-Includes: 3 meals (dinner, lunch, & breakfast), rental samue and yukata (simple kimono), other activities (*see more).

-Check-in: 15:00/Check-out 13:00

Basic Plan: 12,000JPY/person for 1 night.

(7,000JPY for children 7-12yrs, 5,000JPY for children 2-7yrs)

-Includes: 2 meals (dinner & breakfast), rental samue (simple kimono).

-Check-in: 15:00/Check-out 10:00

Location / Access

Address: 2461 Shimotsugane, Sudamacho, Hokuto-shi, Yamanashi 407-0322


By Bus:

Take a Highway Bus from Shinjuku Basuta bus terminal to Nagasaka Takane bus stop.

By Rail:

Take Chuo-Honsen from Shinjuku Station to Nagasaka Station.

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