Enjoy an authentic rural experience
Create your own kind of holiday
The experience will take you back to the good old days in Japan

Enjoy the rustic charm of Edo period.

Kominka is an older traditional style of Japanese homes, which would be seen in many places. They were once cherished by those who lived in them. Some have a straw roof top while others have an irori, a fire pit inside of the house. Most of them have a quaint interior and facilities and it still captivates and enchant us.It is rare to see and stay in these types of houses since they are no longer built for people to live in.


Two unique kominka homes for your stay.

The beautiful kominka we offer are located in Yamanashi. Both of them were built in the late Edo period. Firstly, we have a rustic farmhouse kominka, NAKAYA where you can stay and experience some activities with a host. One of the highlight of the stay is interacting with the host. One of our guests left us a massage, mentioning the following, “His kind manner is nothing short of healing”. On the other hand, we have another kominka which has a unique name, Moshi-Moshi house. This house is spacious and beautifully organized and allowing you to enjoy relaxing with your friends or family. The host doesn’t stay over with you, however she will take you to an intriguing short tour in the village and teach you how to cook the local food as your dinner,  also known us hoto.  Our two kominka give you with wonderfully unforgettable experience.
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Heart-warming stay in 150 year-old house with a friendly host

See Nakaya

A thatched roof house with scenic views of fruit orchards and vineyards. - COMING SOON -

See Moshi-Moshi House