Seeing perfect in the imperfect.

The art of contrast, shodo.

Take a trip down the edo memory lane.

Try Japanese taste with all your senses.

Enjoy the cozy fire at the irori.

Taking a bath in an onsen and 
watching Mt.Fuji.

Search for zen in a company of 
a hundred small statues of Buddha.


Experience firsthand how a distinctive 

Japanese way of thinking evolved. 

Nakaya is a lodging for people who would like to experience Japanese culture and its nature. It’s great opportunities to communicate with locals. It’s different from other hotels.


Check what you can experience traditional Japanese New Year customs !

Reach your own zen 禅 by cycling and walking around this village.

This is a serene and mysterious zen village where vassals of a famous Daimyo,  Takeda Shingenused to lived.  You may find and learn what zen is here. Besides that we recommend you to feel cozy in the hot springs and watching Mt. Fuji. And we have more ! 


Simple is the best, this is our style.

We have an Irori 囲炉裏 that is a traditional Japanese fire place inside of the house. We can grill fresh fish, meat, and vegetables on charcoal fire. It makes the food extra tasty by emphasizing the ingredients which will give you a feeling of pleasure as that you have never felt before.


Learn the ins and outs of Japanese culture, much like the samurais had to learn the ins and outs of their weapons.

Shave dried bonito for soup of Soba.  Walk and look for bamboo for crafts. Shodo the words that come to your mind at that moment, etc.


Traditional clothes.

We prepare many traditional Japanese clothing, such as Kimono, Samue and Dotera. Samue is one of the  pieces of traditional Japanese clothing, which monks used to wear. Dotera is kind of robe you can wear over the Kimono.

Now you can rent a samue for free. You can wear it during the day or even instead of pajamas.

Kominka Nakaya, 古民家 なかや.

You get to stay in a historical Japanese farmhouse built over 150 years ago in the Edo era. 

About Nakaya

Ichigo ichie, 一期一会.

See the pictures taken by our guests.


Only 2 hours to get to Nakaya from crowded Tokyo.

You can easily reach Nakaya by bus from Tokyo.There are bus lines from Tokyo that stop nearby. The ride takes only two hours. Our staff will wait for you at the nearest bus stop to take you to Nakaya.


Takeda Shingen,  武田信玄.

Once upon a time, a famous Daimyo, Takeda Shingen governed this area. He had a strong army which fought many battles, 79 to be exact.. 49 they won, 3 they lost and the rest were without a victor. He left a legacy of many practical things and created useful systems in Japan, such as  being mindful of his people’s opinions, not only those of someone in high position. He constructed a bank in order to parry the strong water flow in the river that still works now. He didn’t kill enemies. On the contrary, he kept them as his vassals. Would you like to learn samurai sprit through listening to his story?

武田信玄 Shingen Takeda

Free Bicycle


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