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Experience The Sprit Of The 19 Century Japan.
Experience The Sprit Of The 19 Century Japan.

Experience the sprit of the 19 century Japan.

Making Soba Noodles.

Making soba noodles.

Simple Yet, Exquisite Foods.

Simple yet, exquisite foods.

It's Time For Harvesting.

It's time for harvesting.

Experience the Authenticity

Many moons ago, there lived samurais, vassals of Takeda Shingen, in the village where Nakaya is located. Spend your time in this ancient Japanese house, Nakaya. Experience our traditional activities and act the same way the Japanese did. Stroll through and get in tune with the quiet village and enjoy interacting with locals. If you are planing to visit Mt.Fuji, why don’t you drop by at Nakaya to experience authentic Japan?

Experience Japanese culture
jul19 What is Nakaya?
washoku Washoku
mazutomi Autumn Specials

Stay at the vintage farm house.

Explore the lifestyle of living in a traditional Japanese way together
with authentic clothing and cuisine.

15,000 JPY include 3 meals per person for one night.

For creating your great memories.
Check in


After you checked in Nakaya, why don’t you exploring in the serene Japanese rural site? We recommend cycling down from the temple that has 100 Buddha statues.

Hot Spring

Hot spring

Rinse off your sweat after cycling. There are some nice hot springs near from Nakaya.
You can see Mt.Fuji from the outside bath of “Panorama hot spring”

Having Dinner At Irori

Having dinner at Irori

Spending time relaxing at Irori. Enjoy the traditional Japanese cuisine.



It’s like a drawing – the beauty of black and white. What words would you like to write? This will make a perfect souvenir.

Lights Out

Lights out

This is the Japanese way of sleeping. It’s good to chat with a soft tone with your family or friends until you fall asleep.

Second Day
Breakfast At Irori

Breakfast at Irori

We start our day eating rice and miso soup. Miso soup is a good partner of rice in both taste and nutrition.

Stroll In The Bamboo Forest

Stroll in the bamboo forest

Have you ever been in a bamboo forest? You might hear the sound of bamboo leaves rustling in the wind. 

Making Soba

Making soba

Traditional specialty. It is widely considered as healthy food throughout the world. In Nakaya, not only are we making soba but also dash.

Check out
15,000 JPY includes 3 meals per person for one night

Two 8-jo rooms ( 14.5m2 ) and one 6-jo room are for guests.
We have a shared shower stall and a toilet.
Smoking is only available in Irori room.


15 minutes by taxi from Nagasaka Station of JR line (3,000jpy)

Address : 2461 Shimotsugane Sudamacho Hokuto city, Yamanashi pref.
You can use the app “NAVITIME” in your smartphone, because guide you to transfer and directions, it is very convenient.

15,000 yen with 3 meals per person per night
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