Journey into the old good days in Japan.

Watching the fire, eating fresh food and communicating with friends at Irori.

Have a taste of Japanese culture.

How does the tatami mat feel?

Do you want to find peace while experiencing the rich culture of Japan?

Nakaya is a lodging for people who would like to experience Japanese culture,
its nature and who would like to communicate with locals.

It’s completely different from other hotels and hostels.

Stay + Full board + Experiencing of Japanese customs and tradition = 20,000JPY —> Only 15,000JPY !?

Reserve our room until September and get to experience true spirit of Japan and its culture for only 15,000 yen.

Special Offer

Wanna wear traditional Japanese clothes, Samue ?

You can wear it during the day, or even instead of pajamas!

Samue; Half Kimono, Half pants. Practical Japanese clothes. This is traditional Japanese clothes that were worn by Zen-shu Buddhist priests during they were working as weeding out plants in a garden, cooking and cleaning a temples etc


Cycle around in serene and mysterious zen village where famous Daimyo called  Takeda Shingen’s  vassals lived.

And autumn is coming soon. Red and yellow leaves,blue of high clear sky, orange of gentle sunshine. What a beautiful colors to be seen in autumn!

You will be introduced to some of our some seasonal events!!

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You get to stay in historical Japanese farmhouse built over 150 years ago in Edo era. 

About Nakaya

Make Soba(buckwheat) noodles with your own hands and explore the taste of truly organic Japanese food.


Immerse yourself in the past, wear traditional Japanese clothes. And we’ve prepared many activities for you can enjoy. As autumn leaves turn their vibrant color, join us for intriguing experience and create beautiful memories.


See the pictures that were taken by our guests.

一期一会 Ichigo Ichie
Free Bicycle
Free WiFi Access
Pick up at the nearest station


You can easily reach Nakaya by bus from Tokyo.There are bus line from Tokyo that go to nearby.The rides takes only two hours.
Our staff will wait for you at the nearest bus stop to take you to Nakaya.