Invitation to Autumn.

Journey into the Edo era.

Traditional Japanese room.

Experience the authentic taste of food prepared in Irori.

Have a taste of Japanese culture.

Take a journey into Japan's past by staying in our accommodation.

Nakaya is a lodging for people who would like to experience Japanese culture, its nature and who would like to communicate with locals.
You can easily reach Nakaya by bus from Tokyo.There are bus line from Tokyo that go to nearby.The rides takes only two hours.
Our wonderful staff will wait for you at the nearest bus stop to take you to Nakaya.

Stay + Full board + Experiencing of Japanese customs and tradition = 20,000JPY —> Only 15,000JPY !?

Red and yellow leaves, blue of high clear sky,
orange of gentle sunshine.

What a beautiful colors to be seen in autumn!

As autumn leaves turn their vibrant color, join us for
intriguing experience and create beautiful memories.

Reserve our room until September and get to experience true spirit of Japan and its culture for only 15,000 yen.


150 years old

Nakaya was built 150 years ago. It still maintains the appearance it had then.On the right side, you can see the horse stable inside of the house.Our ancestor thought that a horse is a member of their family.  

About Nakaya

Traditional Japanese Food

You should to try authentic Japanese food as Soba( Noodles ), Hoto( Noodle, again ). We also provide you organic vegetables, rice and fresh fish or chicken.

Japanese anchor, Sake as well. 


Experience Japanese culture

Wearing Yukata and enjoy fireworks at the garden! Or make Soba and taste it yourself. We have many recommendations for you to soak in Japanese culture. 


Explore around Nakaya

Tsugane is a rich of nature where a famous Daimyo called  Takeda Shingen’s  vassals lived.



It only takes two hours by bus from Shinjuku to Nakaya.

You can go to the rural area from the metropolitan of Japan only a few hours because of it’s a small island!!


Free Bicycle
Free WiFi Access
Pick up at the nearest station